Updating a Bank Logo
Safeguard and our Preferred Suppliers require a bank’s authorization and proof approval to reproduce any bank logo.
WARNING: When a bank logo is updated in the database, it will affect every job
currently using that logo ID. Updates to a specific branch may result in a
new logo ID being created.
Please provide your bank’s authorization and the bank’s official logo.
(The preferred file type: vector art or a 600 DPI TIF)
Be sure to include:
  1. The name of the bank to be added.
  2. The bank’s official logo (The preferred file type: vector art or a 600 DPI TIF).
  3. Your distributor number.
Send by email or by Bank Authorization Form:

VIA EMAILSend a preferred file type art file and authorization from the bank to: mscartwork@gosafeguard.com

Click the link above and fill out the form completely.
A PDF proof will be sent for the bank’s approval. Once the bank’s approval
is received via email, the logo will be added to the database.
Questions? Please call 800-523-6660, ext. 403173